International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 16 Issue 6


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Guest editorial: Participation and involvement – the democratisation of new public management?

Sylvia Horton

Introduces the special issue, which looks at the changes experienced by public sector organisations during the last 20 years of the twentieth century, when they were being…


Collective bargaining in public services: Some European comparisons

Koen Nomden, David Farnham, Marie‐Laure Onnee‐Abbruciati

This article shows that regulation of the employment relationship in European public services has tended to give more importance to collective bargaining than to…


Trade unions, works councils and staff involvement in the modernising Czech Republic

Zuzana Dvorakova

Citizen associations, trade unions and “tripartism” are the major mediators and interest‐representing bodies in the Czech Republic outside political parties. A system of…


Organisational change and staff participation and involvement in Britain's public services

David Farnham, Sylvia Horton, Geoff White

Britain's public sector has undergone a series of radical structural and managerial changes over the past 20 years. These changes are associated with public‐sector reform…


Staff participation in the Belgian public sector reform

Myriam Parys

The Belgian federal administration has been undergoing a major reform programme since 1999, known as the Copernicus reform. In 2000 a survey was launched by the Minister…


The “service project” experience in the French civil service

Gilles Jeannot

Reform of the French civil service, embarked on in 1989, was designed to involve state employees and officials in the process by appealing to their sense of duty and…


Emergence of contradictory injunctions in Swiss NPM projects

Yves Emery, David Giauque

This article examines staff participation and involvement in Swiss public organisations that are undergoing major administrative change. Officially, the new public…

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