International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 12 Issue 3


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Regulation of privatised public utilities in the UK: performance and governance

David Parker

In many countries state ownership of public utilities is being abandoned in favour of private ownership with state regulation. To prevent monopoly abuse, regulatory…


Policy contradictions and collaboration in community mental health services in Britain

Frank Ledwith

The paper summarises some of the main results of a study of inter‐agency collaboration in the provision of community mental health services in one city in Britain. The…


Local government reorganisation in the UK: Decentralisation or corporatism?

John Fenwick, Mark Bailey

A number of internal and external pressures in UK local government have led to the examination of different options for internal organisation and management. A particular…


Performance management for participatory democracy: thoughts on the transformation process in South African local government

Donald Curtis

The White Paper on Local Government in South Africa signals the intention to establish a performance management system for the sector. This paper suggests that current…


International economic assistance and sustainable development: A comparative analysis of the Palestinian and the Cambodian cases

Nitza Nachmias

Compares Palestine and Cambodia with respect to the involvement of NGOs in generating sustainable development. Both countries have suffered war and both still struggle for…


Learning to manage within limited resources: Coping strategies and learning breakthroughs in UK local government

Tony Bovaird, Paul Davis

This article sets out the main conclusions of a research project into how UK local authorities are managing within limited resources (MLR). Frameworks are developed to aid…

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