International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 11 Issue 4


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Barriers to transformation: Beyond bureaucracy and the market conditions for collaboration in health and social care

Su Maddock, Glenn Morgan

The post‐1990 health reforms in health and social care have resulted in quasi‐markets, centralized funding and an acceptance of top‐down managerialism.The analysis of…


Managing risk ‐ achieving protection? The police and probation agendas

Mike Nash

In recent years the “protection of the public” has risen to the top of the law and order agenda, fostered by a populist Home Secretary. Not only has the effect been to…


Non‐élite employees’ perceptions of organizational change in English local government

Andy Asquith

This paper deals with the management of complex environmental turbulence and organizational change in English local government. Research has been conducted to assess the…

The role of government in enhancing the competitiveness of developing economies: Selective functional intervention in the Caribbean

Alvin G. Wint

This study examines the recent efforts by the governments of two Caribbean countries to enhance the competitiveness of their economies in the context of the framework of…


Behavioural and causal influences on individual managerial effectiveness in the Ghanaian public sector

Farhad Analoui

The last few decades have been notable for the considerable attention which managers and their effectiveness have received. However, despite copious writing and concern…

Evaluating the change in social work organization: Rhetoric, institutionalization and political decision making

Rainer Greca

Describes the reorganization of social services in Munich, Germany, from 1992 to 1996. A model of co‐operation between different providers of public services was…

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