International Journal of Public Sector Management: Volume 10 Issue 4


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Upgrading managerial work in the Greek civil service

Stella Kufidu, Evgenia Petridou, Dimitris Mihail

Reports that marked limitations in the Greek Civil Service, combined with the severe fiscal constraints of the Maastricht Treaty, have raised the issue of public…


Civil service reform in developing countries: A strategic perspective from an institutional development base

Ronald McGill

States that it appears that all civil service reform programmes in developing countries are predicated on the idea of cost savings which is an acid test of project…


Competence‐creation in the African public sector

Ken Kamoche

Reveals that the public sector in Africa is increasingly coming under pressure to justify its very existence through calls for financial accountability, operational…


Public purchasing in the European Union: some evidence from contract awards

Stephen Martin, Keith Hartley, Andrew Cox

Explains that the public sector is a major buyer of goods and services. In the mid‐1980s discriminatory (buy national) public purchasing was identified as one of the…


Market orientation and organizational commitment in the Australian public sector

Albert Caruana, B. Ramaseshan, Michael T. Ewing

Reports that the increased calls for transparency and accountability in government organizations underscores the need for a market orientation even among government…

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