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Modelling the impact of online learning quality on students' satisfaction, trust and loyalty

Eijaz Ahmed Khan, Andrew Cram, Xiaoxia Wang, Khanh Tran, Michelle Cavaleri, Md Jahidur Rahman

Critically, to improve and manage online learning quality (OLQUAL), higher education providers need to regularly measure OLQUAL. Hence, a reliable measure of OLQUAL in higher…

Impact of social media distraction on student evaluation of teacher effectiveness

Priyanka Nema, Ritu Srivastava, Rohan Bhalla, Abhinandan Chakarboty

The study examines the impact of social media distraction on the relationship between student engagement and student evaluations of teachers (SET) in management education, part of…

An examination of the levels of work ethic in the university context across the United States of America, Korea and China

Hana Krskova, Yvonne Breyer

The purpose of this paper is to examine individuals' levels of work ethic amongst current and recent university attendees across three countries. This article presents the results…

Trends in financing of basic education in Ghana – a political economy analysis

Clement Adamba

Using a political economy framework, this paper examines the financing trend, by investigating three systematic spikes occurring between 2004 and 2016. The study aims to provide a…


Teachers' perceptions of school principals' role in tackling the pandemic crisis

Antonios Kafa

This paper reports the findings of a qualitative study on teachers' perspective about school principals' role during the pandemic in the context of Greece. In particular…


Changes in the usefulness of communication channels for prospective undergraduates about university studying: afore and during the pandemic

Annie W.Y. Ng

This study investigated the usefulness of various communication means for providing university study information with prospective students before and during the pandemic for three…

Effect of a student teaching internship program on the self-efficacy of pre-service teachers in rural China

Alan Chi Keung Cheung, Koon Lin Wong, Hong Fang Wang, Jian Bing Dai

The purpose of the present study was to examine the impact of a student teaching internship program on the self-efficacy of pre-service teachers in China.

Measuring teacher innovative behavior: a validated multidimensional inventory for use with public school teachers

Samvet Kuril, Deepak Maun, Vijaya Sherry Chand

The role of Teacher Innovative Behavior (TIB), in responding to systemic problems in educational systems and promoting “intrapreneurial” behavior has been recognized in recent…

The role of social media engagement in building relationship quality and brand performance in higher education marketing

Bee Lian Song, Kim Lian Lee, Chee Yoong Liew, Muthaloo Subramaniam

Social media engagement is widely used by the higher education institutions (HEIs) to improve brand performance through brand image and brand loyalty. This study focusses on the…

The perspective of new managerialism on changes in Hong Kong's self-financing post-secondary education institutions: progress, challenges and outlook

Yui-yip Lau, Lok Ming Eric Cheung, Eve Man Hin Chan, Stephanie Wing Lee

The present study adopts the analytical framework of new managerialism (NM) to explore the progress, challenges and outlook of self-financing post-secondary institutions in Hong…

Can engagement and performance be improved through online training on emotional intelligence? A quasi-experimental approach

Ana Junça Silva, Norton Almeida

Online learning is an effective training strategy to help students, as one of the success factors is academic engagement. Therefore, the use of online training courses to…

Collaborative learning in online breakout rooms: the effects of learner attributes on purposeful interpersonal interaction and perceived learning

Stephen Wilkins, Muhammad Mohsin Butt, Joe Hazzam, Ben Marder

Breakout rooms are commonly used by lecturers as a means to achieve collaborative learning in online lessons. Although breakout rooms can be effective at encouraging student…

Developing adaptability and agility in leadership amidst the COVID-19 crisis: experiences of early-career school principals

Venesser Fernandes, Winnie Wong, Michael Noonan

During the COVID-19 crisis in Victoria, Australia the complexity of school leadership increased greatly for school principals. This study focused on the lived experiences of early…


Teacher self-efficacy and student misbehaviour: the moderating role of gender–classroom management

Navaneethakrishnan Kengatharan, Ariyaratnam Harry Gnanarajan

Drawing on Bandura's social cognitive theory, the present study examines the relationship between teacher self-efficacy and student misbehaviour, while exploring the moderating…

Study on the impact of services offered on student satisfaction and the satisfaction led word of mouth by students pursuing management education

Suseela Kanduri, B. Radha

This paper purports to study and assess the impact of student satisfaction on various services offered by an educational institution offering management education and also the…

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