Journal of Services Marketing: Volume 38 Issue 2


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SDG editorial: improving life on planet earth – a call to action for service research to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Mark Scott Rosenbaum, Raymond P. Fisk, Maria M. Raciti

This editorial aims to organise the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into seven ServCollab service research themes to provide a way forward for service…


SDG commentary: services that enable well-being of the human species

Wafa Hammedi, Joy Parkinson, Lia Patrício

The purpose of this paper is to explore the challenges, interplay and potential directions for future service research to address the first three Sustainable Development Goals…

SDG commentary: services that provide opportunity for all humans

Maria M. Raciti, Linda Alkire, Amanda Beatson

This paper is part of the Special Issue series Improving Life on Planet Earth – A Call to Action for Service Research to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). This…

SDG commentary: services that sustainably manage resources for all humans-the regenerative service economy framework

Rebekah Russell-Bennett, Michael Jay Polonsky, Raymond P. Fisk

The purpose of this paper is to propose a new service framework for managing nature and physical resources that balances the needs of people and planet.

SDG commentary: economic services for work and growth for all humans

Mahesh Subramony, Mark S. Rosenbaum

The purpose of this study is to address United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDGs) 8 and 9 from a service perspective. SDG 8 is a call to improve the dignity of service…

SDG commentary: services from institutions that offer fair and sustainable living for all humans

Ross Gordon, Josina Vink

The purpose of this commentary is to present a critically constructive examination of the contribution of service research to the development of services from institutions that…

SDG commentary: service ecosystems with the planet - weaving the environmental SDGs with human services

Jorge Grenha Teixeira, Andrew S. Gallan, Hugh N. Wilson

Humanity and all life depend on the natural environment of Planet Earth, and that environment is in acute crisis across land, sea and air. One of a set of commentaries on how…

SDG commentary: collaboration services for sustainable development goal (SDG) partnerships

Raymond P. Fisk, Sertan Kabadayi, Karim Sidaoui, Rodoula H. Tsiotsou

The purpose of this commentary is to complete the synthesis of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into Seven Commentaries on Service Research Themes…

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