Journal of Services Marketing: Volume 30 Issue 6


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Retrospective: why do customers switch? The dynamics of satisfaction versus loyalty

Banwari Mittal

This paper aims to revisit the 1998 paper (“Why do customers switch […]”) published in this journal with the goal of documenting research progress since then and…


The influence of a “green” loyalty program on service encounter satisfaction

Stephanie Q. Liu, Anna S. Mattila

Presently, loyalty programs often offer preferential treatment to the firm’s best customers, and recently, service firms started to incorporate corporate social…


Serving yourself: value self-creation in health care service

Nadia Zainuddin, Leona Tam, Angie McCosker

This paper aims to investigate the concept of value self-creation and provides a formal definition for this concept. The paper suggests that it sits within an overall…


What makes services customers say “buy it with a mobile phone”?

Sonia San-Martín, Jana Prodanova, Blanca López Catalán

This study aims to explore the issue of word of mouth (WOM) about mobile shopping, including activities conducted by consumers using a wireless internet connection to make…


Change is hard: overcoming barriers to service innovation

Denise Linda Parris, Adrien Bouchet, Jon Welty Peachey, Danny Arnold

Creating value through service innovation requires new processes and ways of communicating to multiple stakeholders. Institutions and stakeholders within the service…


Outcome versus process value in service delivery

Ngoc Luu, Le Nguyen Hau, Liem Viet Ngo, Tania Bucic, Pham Hung Cuong

This study is embedded in social exchange and transaction cost theories. The purpose of this paper is to compare the relative importance of process value and outcome value…


Attribution of success and failure in intercultural service encounters: the moderating role of personal cultural orientations

Jackie L.M. Tam, Piyush Sharma, Namwoon Kim

This paper aims to examine the role that personal cultural orientations play in customer attributions in intercultural service encounters.


The effect of perceived brand leadership on luxury service WOM

Yonghwan Chang, Yong Jae Ko, Walter L. Leite

Despite the remarkable growth of the luxury industry, a phenomenon referred to as luxury fever, as well as the growing interest in word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing in the…

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