Journal of Services Marketing: Volume 30 Issue 2


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Internationalization strategies for services: a retrospective

Christian Grönroos

This paper aims to evaluate the findings first put forward in the article “Internationalization strategies for services” (Grönroos, 1999) with the benefit of hindsight and…


Retrospective: efficiency in service delivery: technological or humanistic approaches?

Scott W. Kelley

The purpose of this paper is to provide a retrospective evaluation of the findings first put forward in the article Efficiency in Service Delivery: Technological or…


The effect of cues on service quality expectations and service selection in a restaurant setting: A retrospective and prospective commentary

Jill Sweeney, Robert W. Armstrong, Lester W. Johnson

The purpose of this paper is to revisit our original paper published over 20 years ago and reflect on its purpose, contribution and what we can glean that might have…


Co-creating value with consumers through social media

Tzu-Yi Kao, Ming-Hsien Yang, Ji-Tsung Ben Wu, Ya-Yun Cheng

This study aims to develop a process model to facilitate enterprises’ co-creating value with consumers through social media.


Studying customers’ resource integration by service employees in interactional value co-creation

Loïc Plé

Noting that resource integration is a pivotal dimension of value co-creation in Service-Dominant logic, this paper aims to explore how service employees engaged in…


Intrinsic value dimensions and the value-satisfaction-loyalty chain: a causal model for services

Martina G. Gallarza, Francisco Arteaga-Moreno, Giacomo Del Chiappa, Irene Gil-Saura

Within the abundant and not always unanimous body or research on conceptual and methodological approaches to consumer value in services, there are two areas of relative…


Does relationship communication matter in B2C service relationships?

M.S. Balaji, Sanjit Kumar Roy, Khong Kok Wei

Given the role of communication in relationship development and maintenance, the purpose of this study is to examine the multidimensional nature of relationship…


Customer relationship investment and relationship strength: evidence from insurance industry in China

Guicheng Shi, Huimei Bu, Yuan Ping, Matthew Tingchi Liu, Yonggui Wang

This study aims to elucidate how different relationship investment efforts by a service firm affect its customers’ perceived relationship investment; to determine how…


Understanding the role of regulatory focus in e-tailing activities

Gopal Das

Regulatory focus theory has been studied in an in-store retailing context. Although an in-store retailing differs from an e-tailing in terms of the factors such as absence…


Role of personal cultural orientations in intercultural service encounters

Piyush Sharma, Zhan Wu, Yong Su

The purpose of this paper is to address a long-standing gap in current research on intercultural service encounters, by exploring the direct and indirect roles of four…


Managing the downside effect of a productivity orientation

Jun Ye, Jesse King

Although many service organizations have adopted a productivity orientation to respond to increasing market challenges, the unanticipated downside effect of such an…

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