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Outside-in thinking, value chain collaboration and business model innovation in manufacturing firms

Liang Wu, Heng Liu, Yongchuan Bao

This paper aims to explore how manufacturing firms pursue business model innovation (BMI) through their use of outside-in thinking.

Moving beyond traditional sponsorships: understanding the structure and dynamics of minority equity sponsorship agreements

Furkan Amil Gur, Adrien Bouchet, Brian R. Walkup, Jonathan A. Jensen

The purpose of this study is to understand the structure and dynamics of minority equity sponsorship agreements and the motivations for organizations to go beyond…

Understanding salesperson intention to use AI feedback and its influence on business-to-business sales outcomes

Kelly R. Hall, Dana E. Harrison, Haya Ajjan, Greg W. Marshall

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing frontier. One promising area for AI is its potential to assist sales managers in providing salesperson feedback. Despite…

Building trust among channel members via power sources

Sushant Kumar, Charles Jebarajakirthy, Manish Das

Building on encapsulated interest account and motivated cognition account, this study aims to investigate how channel members extend trust in a channel leader when the…

Factors impacting digital transformations of the food industry by adoption of blockchain technology

Milad Dehghani, Anna Popova, Shahin Gheitanchi

This study aims to blockchain facilitate information sharing among different players in the food industry, such as farmers, food suppliers and investors, enabling an…


Impact of company and country antecedents on B2B buyer perceived supplier performance

Jashim Uddin, Gregory Elliott, Shehely Parvin

To date, country-of-origin research has commonly explored structural relationships among country image (CI) constructs, together with attitudinal constructs, using a…

B2B digital content marketing in uncertain situations: a systematic review

Shahrzad Yaghtin, Hossein Safarzadeh, Mehdi Karimi Zand

Despite the significant potential of digital content marketing (DCM) to establish public and professional awareness, especially in uncertain situations, no previous…

Coopetition within the entrepreneurial ecosystem: startups’ entrepreneurial learning processes and their implications for new venture performance

Junping Yang, Mengjie Zhang

This paper aims to explore coopetition within the entrepreneurial ecosystem and answer the following two fundamental questions: How does coopetition affect the…

Salesperson grit: reducing unethical behavior and job stress

Charles H. Schwepker, Megan C. Good

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationships between grit, unethical behavior and job stress among business-to-business salespeople.

Role of brand equity and competitive strategies in the relation between horizontal alliances and its benefits

Changju Kim, Bin Hu

Drawing on the resource-based view, this study aims to investigate the conditions under which small- and medium-sized retailers can improve competitive benefits through…

Can competitors cooperate? The impact of formal institution agents in promoting coopetition among emerging market exporters

Jefferson Marlon Monticelli, Ivan Lapuente Garrido, Luciana Marques Vieira, Adriana Fumi Chim-Miki, Jorge Carneiro

This paper aims to investigate the effects of formal institution agents on export performance, mediated by coopetition. It presents novel scales for evaluating firms…

Influence of dependence on social capital and operational performance: a study of the textile and clothing industry

Juliana Celestini, Lucas Schmidt Goecks, Francesco Lolli, Miguel Afonso Sellitto

The purpose of this study is to investigate empirically whether the presence of dependence influences the strength and direction of the relationship between social capital…

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