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Developing and validating a multi-dimensional measure of coopetition

James M. Crick, Dave Crick

Coopetition, namely, the interplay between cooperation and competition, has received a good deal of interest in the business-to-business marketing literature. Academics…


Analysis of enablers for vertical integration to enhance rural employability

Rahul Priyadarshi, Srikanta Routroy, Girish Kant

The purpose of the paper is to identify, analyze and select the enablers for vertical integration of Aloe vera supply chain (AVSC) so that rural employability will be…

A third theory: inventive negotiation

John L. Graham

This paper aims to offer a new theory of “inventive negotiation” as a useful alternative to the outdated thinking of the past century.

Customer involvement and NPD cost performance: the moderating role of product innovation novelty

Yi Li, Gang Li, Taiwen Feng, Jinpeng Xu

The purpose of this study is to examine the influence of product innovation novelty on the relationship between customer involvement and new product development (NPD) cost…

Interpersonal practice in project marketing: how institutional logics condition and change them

Bernard Cova, Per Skålén, Stefano Pace

Project marketing is the specific activity of companies selling projects-to-order. Interpersonal practice is known to be important in this type of marketing. While this…

Process and output control in marketing channels: toward understanding their heterogeneous effects

James R. Brown, Jody L. Crosno

Extant research has demonstrated that marketing channel control can produce both positive and negative effects. This paper aims to use meta-analysis to understand…

Learn to be good or bad? Revisited observer effects of punishment: curvilinear relationship and network contingencies

Zhenxin Xiao, Maggie Chuoyan Dong, Xiaoxuan Zhu

Although supplier-initiated punishment is widely used to manage distributors’ opportunism, its spillover effect on unpunished distributors (i.e. observers) within the same…

The effects of environmental factors on B2B e-services purchase: perceived risk and convenience as mediators

Celso Augusto de Matos, Anderson Krielow

Based on the stimulus-organism-response (SOR) framework, this paper aims to analyze the influence of environmental factors (e.g. competitive pressure) on the firm’s…


Marketing activity of international new ventures – application of the EMICO framework

Izabela Kowalik, Lidia Danik

One of the approaches to study entrepreneurial marketing (EM) is the EMICO framework. The extant studies have not yet explored the application of this framework by…

The ambiguity dilemma in procurement projects

Mehdi Rajabi Asadabadi, Keiran Sharpe

The purpose of this paper is to use game theory and ambiguity theory to show how “economically rational” vendors will behave in a procurement process that runs over more…

The performance implications of collaborative activities in international buyer–seller exchanges: a contingency approach

Shadab Khalil

The study aims to investigate how the collaborative activities of joint action and knowledge-sharing between cross-border buyers and sellers influence the affect-state of…

Tensile strength of composite ties in business relationships

John Andy Wood

This paper aims to empirically examine the proposed framework that incorporates multiple business relational ties as components in a composite that can provide strength to…

Cross-functional interconnectedness as an enabler of customer value

João Paulo Seno, Marcio Lopes Pimenta, Per Hilletofth, David Eriksson

The purpose of this study is to analyze the processes of interconnectedness in cross-functional relationships involved in customer value enabling.


How guanxi networking matters in the relation between market orientation and innovation in Asian emerging economies – the case of Markor

Henry F.L. Chung

Research focusing on the relation between market orientation and innovation in the Asian emerging economy is limited. The purpose of this study is to advance the extant…

Inter-firm and intra-firm coordination of buyer-supplier collaborations in new product development under conflicts of interest

Lisa Melander, Fredrik Tell

The purpose of this paper is to analyze coordination mechanisms in buyer-supplier collaborations in new product development (NPD) and the influence of conflicts of…

Twofold relationship dynamics of supplier’s knowledge sharing

Taewon Suh, Jae C. Jung, Gail M. Zank, Richard J. Arend

Assuming that supplier knowledge can either strengthen the partnership by nurturing the commitment and trust between partners or allow the buyer to be more calculative…

Sustainable marketing strategy in food and drink industry: a comparative analysis of B2B and B2C SMEs operating in Europe

Edyta Rudawska

The paper aims to make a contribution by providing a comprehensive understanding of the scope of the implementation of sustainable marketing tools in SMEs operating in the…


A practical approach to measuring the impacts of stockouts on demand

Sungil Kim, Heeyoung Kim, Jye-Chyi Lu

This paper aims to propose a statistical method to measure the impacts of stockouts on demand, using a segmented linear regression model.

The antecedents and the outcomes of foreign market knowledge accumulation – the dynamic managerial capability perspective

Md Imtiaz Mostafiz, Murali Sambasivan, See Kwong Goh

The purpose of this study is to establish the antecedents and the outcomes of foreign market knowledge (FMK) accumulation in the context of emerging economies. The…

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