Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing: Volume 33 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: 2012 CBIM Conference

Guest Editors: Thomas Brashear-Alejandro

Towards a governance approach to determinants of reseller management success

Petri Parvinen, Essi Pöyry

In mature global business-to-business (B2B) product markets, management of external sales channels, governed by contractual relationships, is a key determinant of business…

Involving customers in innovation: knowledgeability and agency as process variables

Linda D. Peters, Andrew D. Pressey, Alan J.P. Gilchrist, Wesley J. Johnston

Recent research places an increased emphasis on the inclusion of the customer in value creation, learning and innovation processes; yet, there remains a gap in the…

Total value in business relationships: exploring the link between power and value appropriation

Daniel Chicksand, Jakob Rehme

The purpose of this paper is to consider how value can be better defined and to understand the drivers of value appropriation in business relationships. In doing so, the…

Interorganizational drivers of channel performance: a meta-analytic structural model

Jun Kang, Anthony K. Asare, Thomas Brashear-Alejandro, Elad Granot, Ping Li

This meta-analysis aims to explore the true effect sizes of major channel performance drivers from different theoretical perspectives and how these true effects are…

Drivers of franchisor growth: a meta-analysis

Jun Kang, Anthony K. Asare, Thomas Brashear-Alejandro, Ping Li

This study aims to help resolve some of the inconsistencies of the relationships between franchisor growth and its drivers in prior literature.

The effects of value appropriation strategies in channels on intangible firm value

Jun Kang, Thomas Brashear-Alejandro, Anthony K. Asare, Sixing Chen

This study aims to examine the role of channel strategies in value appropriation and their effects on firm value with the consideration of situational factors.

Internal elements that hinder a better industrial service offering

Giancarlo Medeiros Pereira, Mauro Rocha, Fabiano L. Nunes, Miriam Borchardt, Claudia Viviane Viegas

This study aims to investigate the internal elements that influence service offering. A better understanding of these elements can improve interaction between…

When channel conflict positively affect performance: evidence from ICT supplier-reseller relationship

Danny P. Claro, Denys Vojnovskis, Carla Ramos

This paper aims to study the positive impact of functional conflict and conflict management in improving supplier–reseller relationship performance in multi-channel…

A framework of interfirm open innovation: relationship and knowledge based perspectives

Gregory J. Fisher, William J. Qualls

This manuscript aims to integrate the relationship and knowledge-based theoretical perspectives of open innovation to provide a framework that identifies and classifies…

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