IMP Journal: Volume 10 Issue 2


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Market policy and destructive network effects

Morten H. Abrahamsen, Håkan Håkansson

The purpose of this paper is to analyse how different policy perspectives or logics regarding industry organising affect network interaction, with particular focus on how…

Clustering or interacting for knowledge?: Towards an entangled view of knowledge in regional growth policy

Jens Ola Eklinder-Frick

The European Union has an ambition to become the world’s most competitive and knowledge-based economy, which entails investments in cluster initiatives. Most researchers…

A Black Swan in the district? An IMP perspective on immigrant entrepreneurship and changes in industrial districts

Matilde Milanesi, Simone Guercini, Alexandra Waluszewski

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the changes of the Italian textile district of Prato, considered an exemplary case of the industrial district (ID) model, using a…

To be independent or balance interdependence?: Policy implications for micro and small enterprises

Milena Ratajczak-Mrozek, Magdalena Herbeć

The purpose of this paper is to identify in what way micro and small firms from low-technology industries which are dependent on foreign companies can ensure that they…

The role of owners in industrial networks – the case of a steel producer

Bjorn Axelsson, Håkan Håkansson

In this paper, the authors will argue that owners as one type among many other types of actors is essential to bring into the picture when analyzing developments in…

State actors’ mobilisation of resources for innovation: a case study of a Chinese vaccine

Tommy Shih, Åse Linné

– The purpose of this paper is to explore how state actors mobilise resources in business networks to facilitate innovation.

Interactive resource development: implications for innovation policy

Lars-Erik Gadde, Frida Lind

Previous studies of innovation policy claim that there is a mismatch between the underlying assumptions of these policies and the reality of how firms involved in…

Bridging gaps between policies for sustainable markets and market practices

Lars-Gunnar Mattsson

The problem addressed is how policies to promote sustainable development may be implemented in market practice. The purpose of this paper is to present a conceptual…



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