Library Hi Tech: Volume 35 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Library Hi Tech's past, present and future

Library technology in the next 20 years

Michael Keeble Buckland

The purpose of this paper is to examine the agenda for library technology for the next 20 years.


The medium-term prospects for long-term storage systems

David Stuart Holmes Rosenthal

Increasingly, the content that libraries collect is no longer on paper, a long-lived, medium whose technology changes very slowly and with which they have centuries of experience…


Digital curation in museums

Joyce Ray

The purpose of this paper is to present a perspective on the development of digital curation education and practice in museums in the USA.


Personal digital archiving: an analysis of URLs in the .edu domain

Heather Moulaison Sandy, Edward M. Corrado, Brandi B. Ivester

The purpose of this paper is to consider personal digital archiving (PDA) from an academic perspective. Although elements of research data management and personal information…


Promoting information literacy: perspectives from UK universities

Claire Ellis, Frances Johnson, Jennifer Rowley

Academic libraries have sought to become the leaders in the provision of information literacy (IL). The purpose of this paper is to identify to what extent IL is being promoted…


Disruption be my guide: A study into future directions for academic programs for information management

Steve O’Connor, Ian Smith, Waseem Afzal

The skill set required to be a professional in any profession is inherent in the qualifications required for entrance to that profession. The ability to demonstrate leadership in…

Delivering the message: Disseminating information and professional development in the field of librarianship through technology

Heather Michele Moorefield-Lang

The purpose of this paper is to describe the use of podcasts, online radio broadcasts, YouTube channels, and other technology medium to deliver information and professional…


A nostalgic look back at library hi tech(nology)

Joe Matthews

The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the history of information technology and computers in libraries over the last 50 years.


27 pawns ready for action: A multi-indicator methodology and evaluation of thesaurus management tools from a LOD perspective

Gonzalo Mochón, Eva M. Méndez, Gema Bueno de la Fuente

The purpose of this paper is to propose a methodology for assessing thesauri and other controlled vocabularies management tools that can represent content using the Simple…

Usability testing of the Letters of 1916 Digital Edition

Judith Wusteman

The purpose of this paper is to describe the process and implications of usability testing a prototype version of the Letters of 1916 Digital Edition.

RAMP – the Repository Analytics and Metrics Portal: A prototype web service that accurately counts item downloads from institutional repositories

Patrick OBrien, Kenning Arlitsch, Jeff Mixter, Jonathan Wheeler, Leila Belle Sterman

The purpose of this paper is to present data that begin to detail the deficiencies of log file analytics reporting methods that are commonly built into institutional repository…


Using linked open data to enhance the discoverability, functionality and impact of Emblematica Online

Timothy W. Cole, Myung-Ja K. Han, Maria Janina Sarol, Monika Biel, David Maus

Early Modern emblem books are primary sources for scholars studying the European Renaissance. Linked Open Data (LOD) is an approach for organizing and modeling information in a…

Photovoice: a creative method to engage library user community

Lili Luo

The purpose of this paper is to generate awareness of and interest in the photovoice method, and help librarians to be more creative in examining user needs, perceptions and…


What drives smartwatch adoption intention? Comparing Apple and non-Apple watches

Kuo-Lun Hsiao

The purpose of this study is twofold. First, an integrated model will be developed based on task-technology fit, innovation diffusion theory and the new product adoption model in…

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