American Journal of Police: Volume 15 Issue 3


Table of contents

Policing our campuses: a national review of statutes

Max L. Bromley

Provides a profile of state laws pertaining to campus police. Reveals wide variations across the USA. Notes that statutes are often the state legislature’s ad hoc response…


Who are the problem‐prone officers? An analysis of citizen complaints

Kim Michelle Lersch, Tom Mieczkowski

Citizen complaints filed against a small group of officers of a large police department in the south‐eastern USA were used to conduct an examination of repeat offenders…


The effects of aggressive policing: the Dayton traffic enforcement experiment

Alexander Weiss, Sally Freels

Reports on a field experiment in Dayton, Ohio, where the police department has no specialized traffic division, hence traffic enforcement is part of the routine…


Varieties of citizen review: the implications of organizational features of complaint review procedures for accountability of police

Samuel Walker, Betsy Wright Kreisel

Citizen review of complaints against police officers is an important new aspect of policing which takes many different forms. Explains the reasons leading to the usage of…




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1995 – 1996

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