American Journal of Police: Volume 14 Issue 2


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Merging public and private security for collective benefit: Philadelphia’s center city district

Jack R. Greene, Thomas M. Seamon, Paul R. Levy

Gives historical background to the new interest in “showcasing” inner cities of the USA. Focuses on Philadelphia as an example of government‐business alliance. Notes the…


Image control: how police affect the presentation of crime news

Steven Chermak

Public opinion and political ideology affect the way in which police departments formulate responses to crime. Examines how departments construct public images to ensure…


The relative importance of race and ethnicity on citizen attitudes toward the police

Vincent J. Webb, Chris E. Marshall

Undertakes research in Omaha, Nebraska on factors found to be predictors of attitudes toward the police (ATP). Addresses the question of whether ATP are primarily a…


Public attitudes toward the police

Paul Jesilow, J’ona Meyer, Nazi Namazzi

Surveys attitudes to police (ATP) in Santa Ana, California by asking respondents what they most like or dislike about police. Finds inter alia that the primary indicator…


Felonious killings of state police and highway patrol officers: a descriptive and comparative evaluation

Terry D. Edwards

Uses statistics from FBI annual reports (1985‐1992) to compare felonious killings, analyzing and comparing with data for deaths of non‐state police officers. Finds that…


Socio‐demographic factors: reference groups and the career orientations, career aspirations and career satisfaction of Canadian police officers

Leslie B. Buckley, Michael G. Petrunik

Takes a random sample of 156 respondents from municipal and rural police forces in Canada to examine the relationship between various factors concerning their careers…


Female police officers: gender bias and professionalism

Mary Cuadrado

Questions a sample of criminal justice students to show that when officer competence is evaluated in terms of professionalism rather than confrontational issues, bias…




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1995 – 1996

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