American Journal of Police: Volume 14 Issue 1


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Research and reform in community policing

Hans Toch

Examines the opportunities provided by problem‐oriented community policing to combine research with reform. Advocates the involvement of workers as researchers in this…


Community‐oriented policing across the US: facilitators and impediments to implementation

Jihong Zhao, Quint C. Thurman, Nicholas P. Lovrich

Reviews the rise of community‐oriented policing (CP) in the USA. Analyses data from a survey of police chiefs across the USA which investigated the extent of…


Less than meets the eye: police department bias crime units

Samuel Walker, Charles M. Katz

In the USA, rising concern about ethnic conflict has led to the creation of special bias crime units (BCUs) in a number of police departments. The vast majority of states…


Police officers’ belief systems: a framework for analysis

Robert E. Worden

No study has been made to identify systematically the elements of police officers’ belief systems. Most studies focus on one or more attitudes and ignore related findings…


Controlling the use of force: an evaluation of street‐level narcotics interdiction in Miami

Roger G. Dunham, Geoffrey P. Alpert

In the wake of the Rodney King incident, considers how police can be trained to use force in order to maintain civic control while ensuring that this authority is not used…


Backstage with “Cops”: the dramaturgical reification of police subculture in American crime “info‐tainment”

Michael Hallett, Dennis Powell

Examines the meanings of television programs for actor/police officers who acted in “reality TV” programs. Police engage in “legitimation work” to enhance public relations…


Comparing campus and city crime rates: a descriptive study

Max L. Bromely

Over the past twenty years in the USA, as institutions have grown in size and the student profile has extended over a wider socio‐economic base, campus crime has…




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1995 – 1996

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