Kybernetes: Volume 48 Issue 2


The international journal of cybernetics, systems and management sciences

Table of contents - Special Issue: Unintended Consequences

Guest Editors: Josué Antonio Nescolarde-Selva, Hugh Gash, Jose Luis Usó-Domenech

What are unintended and adverse consequences?

Josué Antonio Nescolarde-Selva, Hugh Gash, Jose-Luis Usó-Domenech

The purpose of this study is to examine the unintended consequences of actions as one of the central and constituent elements of sociological theory and long debated in…

The unintended emergence of a greed-led economic system

Wladimir Andreff

This paper aims to propose a new model of economic behaviour in which activities are led by greed rather than by the traditional formal rules of capitalism.

Unexpected consequences in the operation of urban environments

Raquel Pérez-delHoyo, María Dolores Andújar-Montoya, Higinio Mora, Virgilio Gilart-Iglesias

The purpose of this paper is to study the unexpected consequences in the operation of urban environments. Prediction within the urban planning process often presents…

The precautionary principle and unintended consequences

Holmes E. Miller, Kurt J. Engemann

All technologies have intended and unintended consequences, both favorable and unfavorable. Because the risks from implementing a technology may outweigh its rewards, the…

A systemic and cybernetic perspective on causality, big data and social networks in tourism

Miguel Lloret-Climent, Andrés Montoyo, Yoan Gutierrez, Rafael Muñoz Guillena, Kristian Alonso

The purpose of this paper is to propose a mathematical model to determine invariant sets, set covering, orbits and, in particular, attractors in the set of tourism…

Unintended human-personal self-destruction: can we save ourselves?

Kensei Hiwaki

This paper aims to explain the modern unintended human-personal self-destruction and the importance of diverse society-specific holistic cultures (“native cultures”) and…

Seeing through the eyes of the other: Student-centric unintended consequences of immersion, collision and expansion

Brian Robert Sinclair

The purpose of this paper is to explore three diverse case studies in higher education that provide learners with innovative, disruptive and potent ways of seeing…

Unintended consequences of special-needs law in Ireland and Sweden

Mary Shine Thompson, Ann-Katrin Lena Svaerd

This paper aims to trace parallels in the unintended consequences of interpretations of special-needs law in Ireland and Sweden.

The systems approach to Irish society: 136 years of unintended consequences

Thomas John McCloughlin

This paper aims to examine a range of unintended consequences in Irish society both historical and present-day, with a view of presenting the structure of society as a…

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