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Table Of Contents: Volume 46 Issue 2

Antecedents of cultural agency theory: in the footsteps of Schwarz living systems

Maurice Yolles, Davide Di Fatta

Cultural agency theory (CAT) generates higher simplex through principles of recursion, and, in this way, it is able to create a potential for the generation of families of…

Service recommender system based on emotional features and social interactions

Soe Tsyr Yuan, Chun-Ya Yang

Most existing recommendation systems or technologies are functional-oriented. Recommending services, nevertheless, requires the consideration of service experiences…

At Nash equilibrium when new market competitions appear?

Jeffrey Yi-Lin Forrest, John Buttermore, Theresa A. Wajda

This paper aims to investigate the dynamics of a coordinate monopoly with established, risk-neutral firms; how these firms compete by adjusting prices; and when new…

Cognitive function synthesis: preliminary results

Gerard A.J. Pounder, Ruel L.A. Ellis, Gerardo Fernandez-Lopez

This paper aims to introduce the cognitive function synthesis (CFS) conceptual framework to artificial general intelligence. CFS posits that at the “core” of intelligence…

Online search-based advertising strategy for e-Business platform with the consideration of consumer search cost

Buqing Ma, Xiaoyan Xu, Yanhong Sun, Yiwen Bian

Consumers are increasingly using search-based advertising in e-Business platforms to seek their desirable products. Platforms will choose a centralized advertising…

Exploring the complexity of sugarcane supply chains via systemic approaches

Sandra Hildbrand, Shamim Bodhanya

This paper aims to explore the complexity that characterises sugarcane production and supply systems by applying soft systems methodology (SSM) and the viable system model…

Hybrid supervised clustering based ensemble scheme for text classification

Aytug Onan

The immense quantity of available unstructured text documents serve as one of the largest source of information. Text classification can be an essential task for many…

Grey prediction with residual modification using functional-link net and its application to energy demand forecasting

Yi-Chung Hu

Energy demand is an important economic index, and demand forecasting has a significant role when devising energy development plans for cities or countries. GM(1,1) model…

Poincaré section analysis of the electroencephalogram in autism spectrum disorder using complement plots

Ghasem Sadeghi Bajestani, Mohammad Reza Hashemi Golpayegani, Ali Sheikhani, Farah Ashrafzadeh

This paper aims to explain, first of all, signal modeling steps using Poincaré, and then considering the occurred events, concept of information applying Poincaré section…



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