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Table Of Contents: Volume 45 Issue 6

The multiple markets competitive location problem

Tammy Drezner, Zvi Drezner, Pawel J Kalczynski

The purpose of this paper is to investigate a competitive location problem to determine how to allocate a budget to expand company’s chain by either adding new facilities…

Transaction costs in construction projects under uncertainty

Lei Guo, Huimin Li, Peng Li, Chengyi Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to find how those uncertainty factors influence transaction costs generated and to identify ways to minimize the transaction costs borne by…

Terminal airspace sector capacity estimation method based on the ATC dynamical model

Ming Zhang, Le Shan, Ming Zhang, Kai Liu, Hui Yu, Jue Yu

Air traffic resources mainly include two parts, namely, air traffic controller (ATC) and physical system resources, such as airspace. Reasonable assessment and effective…

Customer support optimization using system dynamics: a multi-parameter approach

Roozbeh Hesamamiri, Atieh Bourouni

Customer support has always been considered a competitive advantage in many industries. In recent years, firms have begun to provide customers with a high-quality service…

Identifying critical links in urban traffic networks: a partial network scan algorithm

Xinfeng Yang, Lanfen Liu, Yinzhen Li, Ruichun He

Critical links in traffic networks are those who should be better protected because their removal has a significant impact on the whole network. So, the purpose of this…

Testing the trade relationships between China, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand using grey Lotka-Volterra competition model

Zheng-Xin Wang, Hong-Tao Zhu

Since the construction of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) launched in 2002, the bilateral trade increased rapidly. The purpose of this paper is to test the competition…

Recommender system based on customer segmentation (RSCS)

Seyed Mahdi Rezaeinia, Rouhollah Rahmani

Recommender systems are techniques that allow companies to develop sales and marketing and as a result, attract more customers. There are several different types of…

Disentangling the emergence of perceived environmental uncertainty among technology entrepreneurs

Asghar Afshar Jahanshahi

– The purpose of this paper is to examine how network externalities impact on perception of environmental uncertainties.

A hybrid firefly and support vector machine classifier for phishing email detection

Oluyinka Aderemi Adewumi, Ayobami Andronicus Akinyelu

Phishing is one of the major challenges faced by the world of e-commerce today. Thanks to phishing attacks, billions of dollars has been lost by many companies and…



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