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Table Of Contents: Volume 37 Issue 6

The challenges of the information society

B.H. Rudall, C.J.H. Mann

This paper aims to review current developments that have been initiated to meet the challenges of the information society.

Arabic calligraphy: phishing

Alex M. Andrew

This paper aims to discuss a computational facility for generating Arabic script with its traditional elegance. Reference is also made to computer analysis of historic…

Principle of holography in complex adaptive systems

Marina Shaduri

This paper seeks to present a hypothesis that is based not only on theoretical considerations, but also on experimental and clinical data. The hypothesis concerns the…

On blocks and coverings based on semi‐equivalence relation in pansystems methodology

Chen Wu, Xiaohua Hu, Jingyu Yang

The purpose of this paper is to construct diverse granules and coverings derived from a semi‐equivalence class and then to reveal the relationships between granules and…

A cybernetic approach to the problem of pouring flows

F. Guechi, H. Mekias

This study aims to calculate 2D free surface potential flow of a liquid poured from a container when the liquid runs along the underside of the spout.

Economic yoyos, parasites and child labor

Yi Lin, Dillon Forrest

In the light of a recent systemic model, the yoyo model, this paper aims to look at how to show Bergstrom's Rotten Kid theorem as a simple corollary of earlier results…

Numerical expansion methods for solving Fredholm‐Volterra type linear integral equations by interpolation and quadrature rules

Elçin Yusufoğlu, Barış Erbaş

This paper sets out to introduce a numerical method to obtain solutions of Fredholm‐Volterra type linear integral equations.

Some characteristics of solutions of a class of rational difference equations

Mehdi Dehghan, Reza Mazrooei‐Sebdani

The aim of this paper is to study the global behavior of a higher order nonlinear difference equation.

On neutrosophic topology

Francisco Gallego Lupiáñez

Recently, Smarandache generalized the Atanassov's intuitionistic fuzzy sets (IFSs) and other kinds of sets to neutrosophic sets (NSs). Also, this author defined the notion…

A new approach to the study of controlled systems

Aitor Bilbao‐Guillerna, Manuel de la Sen, Santiago Alonso‐Quesada

The purpose of this paper is to improve the transient response and the inter‐sample behavior of a model reference adaptive control system by an appropriate selection of…



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