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Table Of Contents: Volume 36 Issue 5/6 - Special Issue: Management Science: Current Researches and Developments ‐ Part II

Symbiosis and the viable system model

Allenna Leonard

The purpose of this paper is to suggest symbiosis could be a metaphor for finding ways to help countries that are challenged to become economically and socially viable…

Managing sustainable service improvements in manufacturing companies

Heiko Gebauer, Elgar Fleisch

The paper aims to provide a better understanding of how cognitive processes limit service improvements in typical product manufacturing companies.

Cybernetics of culture

James Rowe

The purpose of this paper is to argue that culture is our primeval management that has its roots the same desire for control that management does. The paper explores the…

Knowledge management: modeling the knowledge diffusion in community of practice

Nen‐Ting Huang, Chiu‐Chi Wei, Wei‐Kou Chang

To propose a model which can demonstrate the knowledge diffusion phenomenon in the community of practice.

Service‐oriented architecture is a driver for daily decision support

Annika Granebring, Péter Révay

This paper aims to explain why service‐oriented business intelligence (SOBI) happened, the new development and how to make a strategy to introduce daily decision support…

A viable systems perspective to knowledge management

Chyan Yang, Hsueh‐Chuan Yen

To provide the knowledge structure for an effective knowledge‐based organization which integrates knowledge into organizational goals.

A flexible platform for mixed‐integer non‐linear programming problems

Ralf Östermark

To propose a new algorithmic platform (minlp_machine) for complex mixed‐integer non‐linear programming (MINLP) problems.

Emerging innovative systems

Brian H. Rudall, C.J.H. Mann

This paper aims to review current research and developments with particular reference to emerging innovative management and information systems.

Newlook ASC, new WOSC address, machine translation

Alex M. Andrew

To discuss the announcement of plans for invigoration of the American Society for Cybernetics, with reference to that society's web site for details.

A stability theory for model systems

Y. Villacampa, F. Verdú, A. Pérez

The purpose of this paper is to carry out a theoretical study of the stability of the mathematical models defined in a class of systems. Furthermore, it will be supposed…

A reliable technique for solving third‐order dispersion equations

D. Lesnic

Initial value problems for the one‐dimensional third‐order dispersion equations are investigated using the reliable Adomian decomposition method (ADM).

Reconciliation of perception of information granules and granular mappings

W. Pedrycz

The purpose is to formulate and present algorithms of reconciliation of perception of information granules regarded as fuzzy sets. It also discussed a problem of a…

Numerical solution of the Burgers' equation over geometrically graded mesh

İdris Dağ, Ali Şahin

The purpose of this paper is to illustrate how the numerical solution of the Burgers' equation is obtained using the methods of cubic B‐spline collocation and quadratic…

Hierarchical system of natural grammars and the process of innovations exchange in polylingual fields

Svetlana Novikava, Kanstantsin Miatliuk

To define natural grammars with ways of mind activity in cybernetics (design and learning, innovating) technologies by mathematical symbol (image, scheme) of hierarchical systems.

Covering properties in intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces

Francisco Gallego Lupiáñez

D.Çoker constructed the fundamental theory of intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces. The purpose of this paper is to introduce a new concept of compactness and a…

A new look at the Heisenberg's uncertainty principle

Dwijesh K. Dutta Majumder, Swapan K. Dutta

To develop a mathematical and algorithmic approach of avoiding the limitations of deterministically computing the values of energy, time, position and momentum imposed by…

Homomorphisms of fuzzy recognizers

S.R. Chaudhari

The purpose of this research paper is to develop an algorithm/methodology for the reduction of a fuzzy recognizer through an algebraic concept such as homomorphism.

Systems view, emergence and complexity

J. Korn

To describe a view of parts of the world as assemblies with emergent properties constructed from related properties or objects, and the modelling of production of emergent…

Time‐splitting procedures for the solution of the two‐dimensional transport equation

Mehdi Dehghan

The diffusion‐advection phenomena occur in many physical situations such as, the transport of heat in fluids, flow through porous media, the spread of contaminants in…

A simulation study of a new family of test statistics for the Behrens‐Fisher problem

Julio Angel Pardo, María del Carmen Pardo

To provide a new family of test statistics to solve the Behrens‐Fisher problem and to compare it with the classic test statistics through a different simulation studies.



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