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Table Of Contents: Volume 36 Issue 2

Next generation grids for science and industry

Brian H. Rudall, C.J.H. Mann

This paper aims to review current progress towards the development of the next generation grids for science and industry with particular reference to European endeavours…

The systemic approach to the encouragement of innovativeness through employee diversity management

Sonja Treven, Matjaž Mulej

The purpose of this paper is to present the problem of employee diversity management (EDM) as a complex problem; the dialectical system's approach to EDM; the impact of…

Elements of a cybernetic epistemology

Helmut Nechansky

This paper analyzes how two (or more) controllers can interact with just one controlled system. This is a basic situation in biology and sociology, but was practically…

Ant colony based hybrid optimization for data clustering

Amarendra Nath Sinha, Nibedita Das, Gadadhar Sahoo

A new algorithm based on ant colony optimization (ACO) for data clustering has been developed.

Systems science, information systems theory, and informational macrodynamics: review

Vladimir S. Lerner

Science of systems requires a specific and constructive mathematical model and language, which describe jointly such systemic categories as adaptation, self‐organization…

A systems study of lotus's leaf area

M. Barufaldi, Y. Villacampa, P. Sastre‐Vázquez, F. Verdú

A systematic study of a lotus's leaf area is described through the genetic improvement of Lotus glaber, an induced tetraploid population known as, Leonel, was obtained…

Solution of the three‐dimensional transport equation using the spectral methods

Abdelouahab Kadem

The paper presents a method for solving the 3D steady state, linear transport equation in bounded domain.

An anti‐spam scheme

Alex M. Andrew

To describe a means of discouraging unsolicited e‐mails or “spam”.

Integer optimization by α‐dense curves

G. Mora, Y. Cherruault

To use α‐dense curves for solving an optimization problem with constraints involving integer variables.

On some fuzzy maps

Francisco Gallego Lupiáñez

To define some new kinds of fuzzy maps related with c‐zero dimensionality fuzzy, and various notions of fuzzy connectedness (due to Fatteh and Bassan, and Ajmal and Kohli…



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