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Table Of Contents: Volume 31 Issue 5

Reaction‐diffusion and ant‐based load balancing of communication networks

Andrew Adamatzky, Owen Holland

Attempts to characterise some aspects of the new wave of reaction‐diffusion and ant based computation, and to discuss their place in the class of fully distributed…

Scaling observation with complex‐valued coefficients: some remarks and prospects

Guy Jumarie

Three kinds of observations are usually used in the modelling of general systems: Gallilean observation, observation with informational invariance and scaling observation…

Approximation of several variables functions by products or sums of one variable functions

A. Benabidallah, Y. Cherruault, Y. Tourbier

Decomposition of several variables functions by means of functions of one variable was a fundamental problem, studied by mathematicians, and the specially by KOLMOGOROV…

On the analysis and modelling of computer communication systems

Ivan Hanuliak

As new computer communication systems, such as distributed computer networks or mobile data networks, grow in scale and complexity, the problem of being able to understand…

Dynamic modelling and optimal time‐energy off‐line programming of mobile robots

Amar Khoukhi

In this paper the problem of the dynamic optimal time‐energy Off‐Line programming of an autonomous mobile robot in a crowded environment is considered. First, kinematic…

On the solution of the non‐linear Korteweg–de Vries equation by the decomposition method

Y. Cherruault, M. Inc, K. Abbaoui

The Adomian decomposition method is used to implement the non‐linear Korteweg–de Vries equations. The analytic solution of the equation is calculated in the form of a…



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