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Table Of Contents: Volume 31 Issue 3/4

Evolution of intelligence

H.M. Hubey

The social sciences are really the “hard sciences” and the physical sciences are the “easy” sciences. One of the great contributors to making the job of the social…

Temporal and simultaneous processing in the brain: a possible cellular basis of cognition

Uri Fidelman

It is suggested that the left hemispheric neurons and the magnocellular visual system are specialized in tasks requiring a relatively small number of large neurons having…

Direct and indirect causality in living systems

Miguel Lloret‐Climent

Not all cells are equal: each tissue and organ has its own type of cell. Although the nucleus of each cell in a living system has the same genetic information, each one…

Physical system theory: fundamentals, recent developments and relationships with system dynamics


Two important methodologies having some common grounds, but based on differing contexts and paradigms are Physical System Theory (PST) and System Dynamics (SD). The…

Neural network process vision systems for flotation process

Harry Coomar Shumsher Rughooputh, Soonil Dutt Dharam Vir Rughooputh

Froth flotation is a process whereby valuable minerals are separated from waste by exploiting natural differences or by chemically inducing differences in hydrophobicity…

A new approach to solve a diffusion‐convection problem

M. Inc, Y. Cherruault

We use the Adomian decomposition method to study a non‐linear diffusion‐convection problem (NDCP). The decomposition method has been applied recently to a wide class of…

An expert system for the selection of strategic planning technique

Suresh Subramoniam, K.V. Krishnankutty

The expert system for the selection of strategic planning technique was developed with a view of assisting an executive in selecting a strategic planning tool based on…

Semantics of L(MT): a language for ecological modelling

J.L. Usó‐Domènech, P. Sastre‐Vazquez

The authors continue developing a Linguistic Theory of the Ecological Systems, but in terms of the Semantics. Each symbol (transformed function) is syntactically a lexeme…

Approximation of the solution for a class of first order p.d.e. by Adomian method

S. Khelifa, Y. Cherruault

Aim's to show how to approach the solution for a class of first order p.d.e. using Adomian decomposition method. Discusses the generalities of the method and α‐dense…

A cybernetic approach to the multiscale minimization of energy function: Grey level image segmentation

Pilar Arques, Patricia Compañ, Rafael Molina, Mar Pujol, Ramón Rizo

Segmentation is an important topic in computer vision and image processing. In this paper, we sketch a scheme for a multiscale segmentation algorithm and prove its…



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