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Table Of Contents: Volume 27 Issue 5

Cybernetic interrelationships: an empirical study with respect to Bangladesh ecology

Mohammad Shahadat Hossain, Masudul Alam Choudhury, Mohammed Mohiuddin

Ecological interrelationships are shown to be a vast web of knowledge‐induced interactions among variables that define physical environment in terms of the human…

A recursive partitioning algorithm for matrix inversion on parallel computers

Ralf Östermark

In the present study we introduce a new recursive matrix inversion (RMI) algorithm for a distributed memory computer. The RMI algorithm was designed to meet the…

Using the Dempster‐Shafer orthogonal sum for reasoning which involves space

D.A. Bell, J.W. Guan, C.M. Shapcott

The Dempster‐Shafer theory of evidence gives a solid basis for reasoning about situations characterized by uncertainty. A key feature of the theory is that propositions…

A cybernetic exploration of methodological complementarism

Maurice Yolles

The systems domain maintains methodologies for inquiring into problem situations in order to introduce intervention for some purpose or other. In general each derives from…

Conjecture on law of conservation of informational infrastructure

Zhenqiu Ren, Yi Lin, Shoucheng OuYang

An intuitive understanding of the concept of general systems is drawn. Based on this understanding, a law of conservation is guessed. To further confirm our guesswork…

A combinatorial study of the growing altitude elementary paths of the plane lattice Z2

T. Dachraoui, Y. Cherruault, C. Reiss

In this work we prove that a relationship exists between the elementary paths of the plane lattice Z2 and those with growing altitude. Fortunately it is possible to make a…

Communications and forum

Yongli Li, JiHiu Zhang, Chuan Li

In this paper, we further study the topological properties of sets in information systems, investigate the point of accumulation, connected set and connectivity of sets in…

Cybernetics and expert systems for machines: interactions of medical expert systems

Edward T. Lee

Considers the interactions between expert systems designed for use in the fields of medicine. Outlines the consultation processes that should occur between systems…



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