Kybernetes: Volume 27 Issue 3


The international journal of cybernetics, systems and management sciences

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Information systems based on neural network and wavelet methods with application to decision making, modeling and prediction tasks

D.A. Karras, S.A. Karkanis, B.G. Mertzios

This paper suggests a novel methodology for building robust information processing systems based on wavelets and artificial neural networks (ANN) to be applied either in…

Monitoring and verification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test‐Ban Treaty

Nicholas Kyriakopoulos

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test‐Ban Treaty prohibits the testing of nuclear weapons and establishes an international monitoring system to collect data for international…

The use of differential geometry in array signal processing

A. Manikas, N.H. Dowlut

This paper reports some investigative results obtained through the application of differential geometry to the array manifold of a direction finding (DF) sensor array. It…

Data processing using information theory functionals

Rallis C. Papademetriou

This paper presents an overview of three information‐theoretic methods, which have been used extensively in many areas such as signal/image processing, pattern recognition…


Distance as a tool for surface definition

Dimitrios Tsoubelis

It is often impossible to study a geometric surface that lacks an analytic description. However, using computer graphics techniques it is now feasible to visualize such…

Information theory ‐ a psychological study in old and new concepts

Lars Skyttner

The ideas of information theory which underlie cybernetics and its information‐processing aspects still has a solid reputation to be both extremely abstract and highly…


Information and self‐organization ‐ a new approach via self‐divergence of Markovian processes

Guy Jumarie

In the information theoretic framework, it is customary to address the problem of defining and analyzing complexity and organization of systems either by using Shannon…

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