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Table Of Contents: Volume 24 Issue 6

Cardiac rhythm as an indicator of normal and pathological adaptation to mental effort

D.A. Napalkov, M.L. Sosenko, I.A. Shestova

Devotes research to the psychophysiological study of mechanisms of the functional state regulation in children with minimal mental dysfunctions and a control group of…

Applying fuzzy logic to robot navigation

Edward T. Lee

Briefly reviews co‐ordinate‐based navigation, behaviour‐based navigation, navigation with a conic mirror and navigation with a spherical mirror. Proposes to include fuzzy…

Modelling dynamic systems with biased regression and spectral methods

Ralf Östermark

Considers the modelling of dynamic systems using biased regression and spectral methods. Provides evidence on the power of transfer function modelling for unravelling the…

Modelling of a system boundary

Hong‐Xing Cao

A type of system boundary, e.g. a membrane in biology, a castle in sociology, a typhoon eye in meteorology and a skin and fur on an animal body, is defined as a shell…

Management cybernetics: manufacturing in China

Jialei Wu, Gerhard Plenert

Discusses the potential development for industrial activity in China, and considers that the rate of improvement depends greatly on the “opening” of the government’s…

Turing‐computability and artificial intelligence: Gödel’s incompleteness results

Sang Wu Kim, S.M. Kim

Establishes the claims that Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorems cannot prove the existence or the non‐existence of a machine proving all mathematical truths; there exists a…



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