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Table Of Contents: Volume 17 Issue 2

Contemporary Cybernetics

Texas instruments has a cheap starter kit for newcomers to AI computing. For a mere £135, five video tapes of the highlights of the company's satellite symposia on AI are…

The Role of Uncertainty Principles in Inductive Systems Modelling

George J. Klir

It is well known that the only way of making complexity in inductive (data‐driven) systems modelling manageable is to be tolerant of predictive (or retrodictive…

Consciousness as the Unity of Higher Psychic Processes

R.M. Granovskaya, I.Y. Bereznaya

Consciousness is considered as a whole activity, a synthesis of all higher psychic processes, i.e. perception, attention, memory, thinking, emotions and speech; their…

An Informational Extension of the Second Principle

François Schächter

An abstract Markov‐Informational representation of evolving systems is proposed. This representation is able to filter out purely cognitive aspects of the description…

A Note on the Comparison of the Quadratic and Shannon's Mutual Information

I. Martinez, M.A. Gil, R. Perez

The problem of estimating the information conveyed about a random variable by another one in a population on the basis of a sample drawn at random and with replacement…



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