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Table Of Contents: Volume 51 Issue 9/10

Advances in corporate brand, corporate heritage, corporate identity and corporate marketing scholarship

John M.T. Balmer

This article introduces the special symposium entitled “Advances in corporate brand, corporate heritage, corporate identity and corporate marketing scholarship” and…

The corporate identity, total corporate communications, stakeholders’ attributed identities, identifications and behaviours continuum

John M.T. Balmer

This paper aims to introduce a new integrated strategic framework entitled, “The corporate identity, total corporate communications, stakeholders’ attributed identities…

The transparency construct in corporate marketing

Shirley R. Leitch

The centrality of ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the corporate marketing perspective serves as a point of differentiation for the field within the…

Corporate heritage brands, augmented role identity and customer satisfaction

John M.T. Balmer, Weifeng Chen

The study aims to explore customer satisfaction towards the celebrated Tong Ren Tang (TRT) Chinese corporate heritage brand (established in 1669). This paper examines the…

Corporate branding in perspective: a typology

Jonathan E. Schroeder

The purpose of this paper is to review a typology of branding that identifies four perspectives on branding: corporate perspectives, consumer perspectives, cultural…

Leveraging the corporate brand

Tim Oliver Brexendorf, Kevin Lane Keller

Most research on branding highlights the role of associations for a single brand. Many firms, however, have multiple brands and/or different versions of one brand. The…

Domain-specific market segmentation using a latent class mixture modelling approach and wine-related lifestyle (WRL) algorithm

Johan Bruwer, Elton Li

Since the publication of Van Raaij and Verhallen’s seminal work in European Journal of Marketing in 1994, identifying the domain-specific market segmentation approach as…

The effectiveness of matching sales influence tactics to consumers’ avoidance versus approach shopping motivations

Wenxia Guo, Kelley Main

Adaptive selling can help build positive relationships between salespeople and consumers. The literature shows that consumers respond positively to salespeople under…

Advertised reference price and sales price as anchors of the latitude of expected price and its impact on purchase intention

Rajesh Kumar Sinha, Atanu Adhikari

This paper aims to investigate the influence of advertised reference price (ARP) and sales price (SP) as anchor points on the latitude of expected price, and subsequently…

Anticipated embarrassment due to social presence withholds consumers from purchasing products that feature a lucky charm

Di Wang, Harmen Oppewal, Dominic Thomas

Several studies have shown that superstitious beliefs, such as beliefs in “lucky” product attributes, influence consumer purchase behaviour. Still, little is known about…

Emotion effects on choice deferral

Nitika Garg, J. Jeffrey Inman, Vikas Mittal

Choice deferral (making no choice at all) is a common phenomenon, especially when individuals face a difficult decision. This is further exacerbated in the presence of…

Questioning worth: selling out in the music industry

Kerrie Bridson, Jody Evans, Rohit Varman, Michael Volkov, Sean McDonald

This study aims to illuminate the way in which consumers question the authenticity and worth of musicians, leading to a classification of selling out. The authors…

Children and energy-dense foods – parents, peers, acceptability or advertising?

Liudmila Tarabashkina, Pascale G. Quester, Roberta Crouch

Studies to date have focused on one or very few factors, rather than exploring a host of influences associated with children’s consumption of energy-dense foods. This is…

Estimating umbrella-branding spillovers: a retailer perspective

Mouna Sebri, Georges Zaccour

The starting conjecture is that the market share of a brand in one category benefits from its performance in another category, and vice versa. The purpose of this paper is…

Flocking together – benefits and costs of small group consumption community participation

Richa Agrawal, Giridhar Ramachandran

This study aims to identify the benefits and costs of participation in small group consumption communities (SGCCs), and understand how benefits and costs experienced in…

Effect of salesperson personality on sales performance from the customer’s perspective

Said Echchakoui

Drawing on socioanalytic theory, this paper aims to explore whether a moderation mediation model can describe the mechanism linking salesperson social reputation…



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