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Atmosphere as a tool for enhancing organizational performance: An exploratory study from the hospitality industry

Morten Heide, Kirsti Lærdal, Kjell Grønhaug

The concept of atmosphere is often considered vague and difficult to capture, which hampers adequate feedback on atmospheric investments. This paper aims to report a systematic…


The emergence of counterfeit trade: a literature review

Thorsten Staake, Frédéric Thiesse, Elgar Fleisch

Trade in counterfeit goods is perceived as a substantial threat to various industries. No longer is the emergence of imitation products confined to branded luxury goods and final…


Propensity to bargain in marketing exchange situations:a comparative study

Bakr Bin Ahmad Alserhan

This study aims to investigate and compare the propensity of both Arab and Western customers to bargain in marketing exchange situations in the United Arab Emirates.


The marketing of innovations in high‐technology companies: a network approach

Erik A. Borg

This article aims to consider the usefulness of network theory in examining the marketing of high‐technology products and services.


Categorizing networked services: The role of intrinsic‐, user network‐ and complement network attributes

Helge Thorbjørnsen, Per E. Pedersen, Herbjørn Nysveen

This paper aims to investigate the properties and attributes of networked services and to propose a general categorization scheme for such services.


Investigating the effects of service quality dimensions and expertise on loyalty

Ahmad Jamal, Kyriaki Anastasiadou

Very little research has investigated the effects of service quality dimensions on customer loyalty. Also, up to now, no research has investigated the direct effect of expertise…


Market orientation and performance: modelling a neural network

Manuela Silva, Luiz Moutinho, Arnaldo Coelho, Alzira Marques

This paper aims to investigate the impact of market orientation (MO) on performance using a neural network model in order to find new linkages and new explanations for this…


Price adaptation in export markets

Carlos M.P. Sousa, Frank Bradley

The purpose of this paper is to identify the key factors that influence price adaptation in export markets.


The impact of improvisation training on service employees in a European airline: a case study

Aidan Daly, Stephen J. Grove, Michael J. Dorsch, Raymond P. Fisk

The purpose of this paper is to examine the value of improvisation training, as used in schools of acting, in preparing front‐stage service employees perform their roles when…


Antecedents to permission based mobile marketing: an initial examination

Chanaka Jayawardhena, Andreas Kuckertz, Heikki Karjaluoto, Teemu Kautonen

This paper's aim is to develop a conceptual model to examine the influence of four antecedent factors (personal trust, institutional trust, perceived control and experience) on…


Role of entrepreneurship and market orientation in firms' success

Óscar González‐Benito, Javier González‐Benito, Pablo A. Muñoz‐Gallego

This article aims to offer empirical evidence pertaining to the relationship among entrepreneurship, market orientation and business performance within the context of…


Marketing logics for competitive advantage?

Karin Tollin, Richard Jones

This paper aims to address two issues facing marketing management: firstly, the need to make marketing a more central function of the firm; and secondly to explore ways in which…


Brand authentication: creating and maintaining brand auras

Nicholas Alexander

This paper aims to consider the process of creating and maintaining brand auras through the assertion of authenticity and to address the gap in the literature.

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