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Table Of Contents: Volume 9 Issue 3/4

Personal Sector Investment in Financial Assets: Practices And Preferences

David Fanning

Over the past three decades, considerable disquiet has been expressed by many commentators over a movement away from financial asset‐holding by the personal sector and a…

Private Shareholders' Attitude to Rights

S.P. Keef

In 1978 a postal questionnaire was despatched to 300 private shareholders of two public companies to determine their understanding of rights issues. This paper examines…

Consumer Credit Analysis

Lawrence C. Galitz

The last twenty years has seen a revolution in consumer credit, with more and more people borrowing on an increasing scale. The explosion in demand for consumer credit…

A Concise Guide to the Literature of Personal Investment and Financing

Richard M.S. Wilson

In the light of the developing nature of the personal investment and financing domain any guide to the literature is inevitably going to be subjective: one individual…

Personal Investment & Financing Decisions

J. Colin Dodds

Personal Finance has, in our view, been an area of relative neglect in academic circles in the UK compared, say, to the USA. This statement is based on a perusal of course…

Personal Fortunes, Inheritance and Investment Behaviour

C.D. Harbury, D.M.W.N. Hitchens

It may seem unusual for economists to approach the question of investment behaviour from the standpoint of wealth. Personal fortunes are a stock while investment is a flow…

Housing Finance

David F. Lomax

Purchasing a house is the single most important financial transaction made by most people during their lives and the housing market is the most important type of financial…

Can we use State Preference Theory?

Alison M. Kerruish

One of the most important recent developments in company finance has been that of state preference theory, although the basics of the theory are not new. In how many…

AGB Index: Measuring Personal Finance By Continuous Consumer Panel Research

Philip W. Wisson

After health, personal wealth is one of the most important determinants of behavioural patterns. It is also a very private and confidential matter. Not surprisingly…



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