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Table Of Contents: Volume 8 Issue 2

The Theory of Capital Asset Pricing

John M. Parkinson

A respectable theory which accounts for investor behaviour needs to start from a statement of investor objectives. The objective may be generally stated as the…

An Introduction to Options

Dan B. Hemmings

An option is a contract between two parties by which party A grants party B the right to buy from or sell to A, at B's discretion, a given asset at a fixed price until a…

Some Methodological Considerations when Evaluating the Empirical Studies of the Efficient Capital Markets Hypothesis

Paul A. Barnes

During the last decade or so there has been a huge outpouring of empirical studies of the efficient capital market hypothesis (ECMH). These studies are of potential use to…

Leasing in Theory and Practice

Peter J. Taylor

The use of leasing as a means of obtaining business assets has grown spectacularly in recent years in the UK and other countries. This means that many managers have…

The Term Structure of Interest Rates: a Survey of the Theories and Empirical Evidence

J. Colin Dodds

In financial markets investors and borrowers are faced with a whole structure of prices and interest rates on financial instruments. The determination of equilibria in…



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