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Table Of Contents: Volume 5 Issue 2

Internal Audit — An Essential Element of Good Management

J.C. Shaw

There is currently considerable interest in the topic of Internal Audit. This can be seen as a manifestation of the current concern of “accountability” by those who…

Auditing the Board: A New Approach to the Measurement of Company Performance

R.J. Taffler, P.S. Sudarsanam

The role of the internal auditor is evolving rapidly. More and more his ambit is encompassing the whole range of a company's operations. His activities no longer primarily…

Internal Audit of the Budgeting Function and the Propensity for Information Bias

E.A. Lowe, I. Shahin

An account is presented of part of an extensive empirical research project concerned with the role of the internal auditing function within enterprises. The main focus of…

Internal Audit Role Conflict: A Pluralist View

Gareth Morgan

This paper analyses the internal auditor's role from a perspective which emphasises the pluralist nature of organisational life. The internal auditor operates in…

Internal Auditing of Modern Information Systems

Hart J. Will

Modern information systems (MIS) have increased the variety of information systems which have been and can be designed to such an extent that auditors must finally…

Program Review: Its Role in Computer Auditing

Michael J. Earl

Program review, or program audit, is becoming an accepted technique in computer auditing. This paper describes the technique and examines whether it has a legitimate role…

A Bayesian Approach to Routine Decisions in Internal Auditing

John R. Etor

The internal auditor estimates the amount of error in routine accounting records by sampling and other procedures. These investigations cost money, and there is a risk…

The Developing Role of the Internal Auditor Within the Audit Spectrum

Richard J. Briston

In February 1979, I gave a paper on the subject of government auditing in developing countries at the Second Assembly of African Supreme Audit Institutions (AFROSAI) in…



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