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Table Of Contents: Volume 44 Issue 9

US cross-listings and director compensation: a cross-country analysis

Min-Yu (Stella) Liao

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the effect of cross-listing on the size and structure of director compensation at individual director level. While much of the…

Conflict-induced forced CEO turnover and firm performance

Kuntara Pukthuanthong, Saif Ullah, Thomas J. Walker, Jing Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to examine operational and stock performance changes around forced CEO turnovers caused by conflicts between corporate boards and CEOs over…

Investors’ herding practice: do IFRS and national economic culture matter?

Mohammed Lawal Danrimi, Mazni Abdullah, Ervina Alfan

The purpose of this paper is to examine the effect of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the moderating role of national economic culture on investors…

Involuntary delisting in the Japanese stock market

Jinwoo Park, Kengo Shiroshita, Naili Sun, Yun W. Park

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the wealth effect of involuntary delisting and investigate insider opportunism and the role of corporate governance, liquidity and…

Is the “sell in May and go away” adage the result of an election-year effect?

Doug Waggle, Pankaj Agrrawal

The purpose of this paper is to provide a plausible explanation for the “sell in May” anomaly observed in US stock markets. A heretofore unexplained strategy of selling…

A three-stage dynamic model of financial distress

Umar Farooq, Muhammad Ali Jibran Qamar, Abdul Haque

The purpose of this paper is to explain the multi-stage dynamic process of financial distress. An attempt is made to explore multiple adverse heterogeneous events of…



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