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Accounting and Finance

Table Of Contents: Volume 44 Issue 7

The profitability of herding: evidence from Taiwan

Chun-Da Chen, Riza Demirer

The purpose of this paper is to show that the level of herding in an industry can be the basis for a profitable investment strategy.

Gross and net tax shield valuation

James Kolari

The purpose of this paper is to show that distinguishing between gross and net tax shields arising from interest deductions is important to firm valuation. The distinction…

Managerial incentives and accounts receivable management policy

Haibo Yao, Yiling Deng

Previous research has documented that high vega CEOs increase R&D investment (Coles et al., 2006) and liquidity (Liu and Mauer, 2011), but provided little clue about how…

Risk management behaviour in banking

Elizabeth Sheedy, Martin Lubojanski

Risk management is now considered the responsibility of all financial services professionals, not just senior leaders or risk specialists. Very little is known about the…

A model of stock prices leading earnings

Jay Junghun Lee

Prior literature suggests that stock prices lead earnings in reflecting value-relevant information because accounting income incorporates information discretely to satisfy…

Teaching basic spreadsheet skills with peer tutoring

Viktoriya Lantushenko, Amy F. Lipton, Todd Erkis

Knowledge of spreadsheet tools like Microsoft Excel is a valuable skill to have in today’s job market. The preliminary assessment of a group of business school students…



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