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Table Of Contents: Volume 43 Issue 1 - Special Issue: Legal issues and litigation in modern corporate finance

A survey of litigation in corporate finance

Matteo Arena, Stephen Ferris

The purpose of this paper is to review research on litigation in corporate finance.

On the role of the chief risk officer and the risk committee in insuring financial institutions against litigation

Arash Amoozegar, Kuntara Pukthuanthong, Thomas J. Walker

In most financial institutions, chief risk officers (CROs) and their risk management (RM) staff fulfill a role in managing risk exposures, yet their lack of involvement in…

Securities class actions and operating performance

Matthew McCarten, Ivan Diaz-Rainey

The purpose of this paper is to examine how the filing of a securities class action, and associated corrective actions taken by management, impact the operating…

Female business leaders and the incidence of fraud litigation

Mary Jane Lenard, Bing Yu, E. Anne York, Shengxiong Wu

The purpose of this paper is to examine whether companies with female executives and directors are less likely to be involved in financial reporting fraud litigation.

The litigation of tax benefit preservation plans

Thomas Jason Boulton, Terry D. Nixon

The authors study the shareholder wealth effects of the adoption and subsequent litigation confirming the validity of shareholder right plans that are enacted to protect a…

The corporate governance endgame – minority squeeze-out regulation and post-deal litigation in Germany

Ettore Croci, Eric Nowak, Olaf Ehrhardt

The purpose of this paper is to examine minority squeeze-outs and their regulation in Germany, a country where majority shareholders have extensively used this tool since…

Insider trading surrounding securities class action litigation and settlement announcements

Frederick Davis, Behzad Taghipour, Thomas J. Walker

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the trading patterns of corporate insiders, both managing and non-managing, around the announcement dates of securities class…

Does institutional investors’ monitoring substitute for litigation in curbing insider trading? The case of Malaysia

Shaista Wasiuzzaman, Kean Hua Lim

The ineffectiveness of external governance mechanisms (laws and regulations) designed to curb insider trading in Malaysia leads this study to focus on the role of internal…



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