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Table Of Contents: Volume 39 Issue 7

VaR and time‐varying volatility: a comparative study of three international portfolios

Pat Obi, Shomir Sil

This study aims to evaluate the market risk exposure of three international equity portfolios using value‐at‐risk (VaR). This risk metric calculates the worst case loss…

The impact of the global financial crisis on firm‐level risk of the S&P 500

Anthony Loviscek, Elven Riley

This paper aims to assess the impact of the global financial crisis of 2007‐09 on the risk structure of S&P 500 firms by examining their market, active, and residual risks…

Extreme loss risk in financial turbulence – evidence from the global financial crisis

Jamshed Y. Uppal, Inayat Ullah Mangla

This study aims to examine the stock returns distributions in ten countries in the periods before and after the global financial crisis (GFC) to evaluate how well the…

Predicting business failure using cash flow statement based measures

Shyam B. Bhandari, Rajesh Iyer

Business failures during the economic recession of 2008‐2010 years were unusually high in the USA. The purpose of this paper is to build a new model to predict business…

An examination of the relationship between the Economic Freedom Index value and the matching country specific exchange traded fund return

Timothy Peterson

The paper aims to determine if a country's Economic Freedom Index value has any relationship to the return of the related country specific exchange traded fund.



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