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Table Of Contents: Volume 38 Issue 4

The information content of Morningstar StockInvestor: the Tortoise vs the Hare

Eurico J. Ferreira, Stanley D. Smith

The purpose of this paper is to add to the literature on the impact of the Morningstar ratings by examining the impact of individual stock ratings in the Hare and Tortoise…

Evaluating value‐at‐risk models before and after the financial crisis of 2008

Stavros Degiannakis, Christos Floros, Alexandra Livada

The purpose of this paper is to focus on the performance of three alternative value‐at‐risk (VaR) models to provide suitable estimates for measuring and forecasting market…

Additions to S&P 500 Index: not so informative any more

Rashiqa Kamal, Edward R. Lawrence, George McCabe, Arun J. Prakash

There is empirical evidence that a firm's addition to S&P 500 results in significant abnormal returns and an increase in a stock's liquidity. The purpose of this paper is…

Exploring factors affecting the proper use of derivatives

Frank H. Bezzina, Simon Grima

The purpose of this paper is to investigate factors that safeguard or hinder the proper use of derivatives, with evidence from active users and controllers of derivatives.

Momentum and behavioral finance

Ding Du

The purpose of this paper is to re‐examine the sources of momentum profits by focusing on momentum in monthly returns.



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