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Table Of Contents: Volume 37 Issue 7

Do student evaluations match alumni expectations?

Carla Guevara, Scott Stewart

This research study seeks to identify what graduating students and alumni perceive to be of most value in courses, and in turn the relationship of those perceptions with…

The Smith Company: a case on capital budgeting and real options

Karen A. Shastri, Kuldeep Shastri, David E. Stout

This paper aims to provide upper‐level accounting and/or finance students with a review of the intricacies of option pricing, discounted cash flow (DCF) capital budgeting…

Selecting stocks and building portfolios: a sorting exercise

Jeff Donaldson, Donald Flagg, J. Hunter Orr

The purpose of paper is to provide students with a sorting methodology to select securities and build portfolios.

Does motivation matter?

Darren W. Dahl, Kamal Smimou

The purpose of this paper is to focus on the perceptions that undergraduate students formed and provides further insight into the relationship between perceived teaching…

A new quantitative approach for the management of a student‐managed investment fund

Peter A. Ammermann, L.R. Runyon, Reuben Conceicao

The purpose of this study is to develop an investment strategy designed both to enable student‐managed investment fund (SMIF) students to more quickly build out their…

An analysis of the research productivity of authors appearing in financial education journals

Morris G. Danielson, Jean L. Heck

This paper seeks to evaluate the research records of scholars contributing articles to the two premier financial education journals – Journal of Financial Education (JFED



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