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Table Of Contents: Volume 36 Issue 6

The demographic profile of socially responsible investors

Joan C. Junkus, Thomas C. Berry

Given the size and growing importance of socially responsible (SR)‐related funds and investments, the purpose of this paper is to see if those who invest in socially…

Contemporaneous relationship between corporate reputation and return

Thomas M. Krueger, Mark A. Wrolstad, Shane Van Dalsem

The purpose of this paper is to examine the contemporaneous relationship between changes in corporate reputations and stock prices.

Performance of debt free firms

Tarek S. Zaher

The purpose of this paper is to find out whether investors tend to reward firms that resist the urge to borrow and operated with debt free balance sheet and penalize firms…

Ukrainian financial markets: an examination of calendar anomalies

Iryna O. Depenchuk, William S. Compton, Robert A. Kunkel

This study aims to examine the market returns of the Ukrainian stock and bond markets to determine whether they exhibit calendar anomalies including the January effect…

Foreign exchange risk and risk exposure in the Japanese stock market

Chu‐Sheng Tai

Whether stock returns are linked to exchange rate changes and whether foreign exchange risk is priced in a domestic context are less conclusive and thus still subject to a…

Risk management in electricity markets

David Basterfield, Thomas Bundt, Kevin Nordt

The purpose of this paper is to explore risk management models applied to electric power markets. Several Value‐at‐Risk (VaR) models are applied to day‐ahead forward…

Economic impact of marketing alliances on shareholders' wealth

Foo‐Nin Ho, Allan D. Shocker, Yewmun Yip

The purpose of this paper is to examine whether marketing alliances create value for shareholders, and whether the results are robust across different business cycles.



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