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Table Of Contents: Volume 30 Issue 7

Some lessons from price bubbles and market crashes in Southeast Asia

James S. Ang, Alireza Tourani‐Rad, Jean C. Yu

In this paper we provide an in‐depth comparative analysis of the shares of listed firms in three Southeast Asian stock markets, namely, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand…

Analyst earnings forecast trends in Pacific Rim countries

Stephen J. Ciccone, Ahmad Etebari

This study analyzes trends in analyst forecast properties from 1987 through 1998 in the United States and seven Pacific Rim countries: Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong…

Estimates of time‐varying term premia for New Zealand and Australia

Michael Gordon

Forward rates in the money market are systematically higher than realised spot rates, reflecting an unobservable term premium. This paper uses a Kalman filter…

A Tale of Three Stock Markets: Timing Between Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen

Alireza Tourani‐Rad, Ye YI

This paper looks at one relatively less‐visited issue in market timing: switching investments on common stocks between different stock markets, namely, “intermarket…

The relaxation of foreign ownership limits and market integration: the case of Thailand

Daniel F.S. Choi, Woramon Clovutivat

The Thai stock market maintains two separate listings for common stocks which have reached foreign ownership limits. Prices on the Foreign Board are typically traded at a…



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