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Table Of Contents: Volume 30 Issue 2

Venture capital for China: opportunities and challenges

Jerry Dauterive, Wing Fok

Although many recognize China’s vast market potential, the challenges of doing business in an economy that was largely closed to market forces for a half century must be…

Interactions of corporate financing and investment decisions: the financing present value (“FPV”) approach to evaluating investment projects that change capital structure

J. Stuart Wood, Gordon Leitch

Proposed projects whose financing will cause capital structure to change across time cannot be accurately evaluated by the ordinary Weighted Average Cost of Capital‐Net…

A free market for kidneys: options, futures, forward, and spot

William Barnett, Michael Saliba

There is a significant body of literature explaining how a free market for kidneys would eliminate both the economic and the medical shortage of kidneys and thus, in…

Brokers, bureaucrats and the emergence of financial markets

Edward Stringham, Peter Boettke

When managers wish to raise external capital, investors must be able to trust that brokers and managers will not cheat them out of their money. To what extent is…

Menger’s theory of monopoly price in the years of high theory: the contribution of Vernon A. Mund

Joseph T. Salerno

The theory of monopoly price was originally formulated by Carl Menger at the inception of the marginalist revolution in 1871 and represented the dominant theoretical…

Pleasing the interested investor: the rational basis for the compensation of corporate executive officers

Roy Whitehead, Walter Block

In the aftermath of the Enron scandal, the critics of free enterprise have blamed this system for inflated and out of control executive salaries, particularly those of the…



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