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Table Of Contents: Volume 30 Issue 1

Pricing of IPOs and their after issue performance in the Indian equity market

Shailesh Jaitly

This study investigates the pricing of new issues in the Indian equity market during the period shortly following the deregulation of the market for new issues. We…

Market reaction to the expiration of IPO lockup provisions

James C. Brau, David A. Carter, Stephen E. Christophe, Kimberly G. Key

Initial public offering (IPO) lockup agreements prevent insider sale of shares for specified periods of time (often 180 days). This study investigates share price…

Long‐run performance of privatized government monopolies: Australian experience

Adam Steen, Keith Kendall

This paper considers the post‐listing returns performance of government‐issued Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in Australia during the period 1989 to 1998. While several…

IPO‐related organizational change and long‐term performance: considerations of Dutch corporate officers

J.H. von Eije, M.C. de Witte, A.H. van der Zwaan

Mainstream literature on long‐term performance of initial public offerings focuses on long‐term underperformance. Because underperformance is an anomalous phenomenon, many…

Initial public offerings: evidence from the UK

Ashley Burrowes, Kevin Jones

This investigation into the performance of Initial Public Offerings on the new Alternative Investment Market reveals that the expected high level of underpricing, that is…

An examination of underperformance and liquidity of initial public offerings by high growth stocks on the German Neuer Markt

Ashley Burrowes, Horst Feldmann, Mareile Feldmann, John MacDonald

Eckbo, Masulis, & Norli (2000) question previous examination of initial public offering (IPO) underperformance with the keen argument that the increase in the number of…

When should an investor buy a newly issued stock?

Carol Marie Boyer

This study documents the amount of time it takes for Initial Public Offerings (POs) to make the transition from underperformance to meeting or exceeding the return for…



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