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Table Of Contents: Volume 29 Issue 5/6

Process or behaviour: which is the risk and which is to be managed?

Jyoti Navare

Based on the belief that it is behaviour which constitutes risk rather than procedures, the paper focuses on the awareness of behavioural aspects in risk management…

Risk management in Nepal: organisations and programmes

Meen B. Poudyal Chhetri

Nepal is one of the most natural disaster prone countries in the world. Variable climatic conditions and active tectonic processes have made her vulnerable to various…

Can the private finance initiative be used in emerging economies? – lessons from the UK’s successes and failures

Morrison Handley‐Schachler, Simon S. Gao

The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) introduced in the UK in 1992 has provided the framework for the completion of a large number of capital projects managed by public…

Risk factors of medical expense in China and statistical models

Chen Tao

This paper examines the risk factors of medical expense in China and applies statistical models to analyze these factors. Adopting data from social and private health…

Corporate insurance market in the People’s Republic of China: some macro and micro perspectives

Hong Zou

This paper analyses the development, regulation and future trend of the corporate insurance market in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Using data for 212 Chinese…

The determinants of the demand for life insurance in an emerging economy – the case of China

Tienyu Hwang, Simon Gao

In the past two decades, many emerging economies have been witnessed the strong growth of their life insurance industry. While research in the demand for life insurance…

China’s ageing, risk of the elderly and accounting for aged care

Jane Zhang

This paper analyses the risks of the elderly and needs for aged care in China as a major social problem faced by the Chinese government in the 21st century, suggests the…

Future trends and challenges of financial risk management in the digital economy

Steven Li

In this paper, the future trends and challenges of financial risk management are considered. First, the historical developments and current status of financial risk…



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