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Table Of Contents: Volume 29 Issue 10

The value premium: rational, irrational or random

Angela J. Black, Patricia Fraser

Using data from the stock markets of Japan, the UK and the US, this paper examines thetime series properties of a price index derived from a zero net investment strategy…

Intangible assets and stock trading strategies

Duo Zhang

Hall (2001a) argues that the value of intangible assets can be inferred from firms’ stock market value and the value of tangible assets, which suggests rational valuation…

Mean reversion in stock prices: evidence from emerging markets

Kausik Chaudhuri, Yangru Wu

This paper investigates whether stock‐price indexes of emerging markets can be characterized as random walk (unit root) or mean reversion processes. We implement a…

Excess volatility? the Australian stock market from 1883 to 1999

Richard Heaney

Are share markets too volatile? While it is difficult to ignore share market volatility it is important to determine whether volatility is excessive. This paper replicates…

Mean reversion of size‐sorted portfolios and parametric contrarian strategies

Jeffrey Gropp

Evidence of mean reversion in U.S. stock prices during the post‐World War II era is mixed. I find that using the standard portfolio formation method to construct…



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