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Table Of Contents: Volume 26 Issue 5

Joint ventures in China – accounting implications

John Blake, Simon Gao, Philip Wraith

Illustrates the growth of foreign investment in China, which is most often dealt with through Chinese‐foreign equity joint ventures and discusses the business issues…

Auditing framework in the People’s Republic of China and the international auditing guidelines: some comparisons

Gin Chong

Outlines the history of auditing in China and the auditing standards and guidelines issued in 1997 to improve consistency in the audit of government departments and…

Hooking‐up: a unique feature of China Public Accounting Firms

Xinmin Dai, Amy H. Lau, Ji‐liang Yang

Explains why, following China‘s implementation of a market economy, public accounting firms were required to affiliate (hook‐up) with existing government or educational…

Harmonisation trends in chinese accounting and remaining problems

Yuan Ding

Provides an overview of accounting reform in China since 1993, illustrates the structure of the current (juridicial‐based) accounting system and lists the accounting…

Evaluation of research on Chinese accounting issues

Xu‐Dong Ji

Outlines the history of accounting in China and reviews the literature published in English on the full range of Chinese accounting issues. Summarizes the contents of…

Asian financial crisis and accounting reforms in China

Z Jun Lin, Feng Chen

Outlines economic and accounting reforms in China since the late 1970s and assesses the impact of the 1997 Asian financial crisis on them. Suggests that although China…

Accounting reforms in China: a transition from a state plan and control‐oriented system to capital market‐oriented system

Qingliang Tang, Amy Lau

Compares China‘s financial reporting systems before and after the reforms of 1993, which is seen as a dramatic turning point. Analyses the economic factors driving…



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