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Table Of Contents: Volume 26 Issue 2

Cost efficiency and scale/scope economies among S&Ls

Atul K. Saxena, Vijaya Subrahmanyam

Reviews the literature on economies of scale and scope in savings and loan institutions and uses 1980‐1987 US data to explore the cost effects of simultaneous production…

External audits and the impact of loss of reputation on agency costs: an empirical investigation

Gregory A. Kuhlemeyer, M. Cary Collins, Harold A. Black

Refers to previous research on the effects of poor external audits on agency costs to shareholders and takes the 1991 disciplinary action by the US Securities and Exchange…

“Too big to downgrade”: the response of financial analysts to bond downgrades of money center banks

Robert Schweitzer, Samuel H. Szewczyk, Raj Varma

Outlines previous research on the effects of bond rating changes on the share prices of US banks, noting opposing views on whether they contain new information. Examines…

The impact of the failure of Continental Illinois and the too‐big‐to‐fail doctrine on changes in operating efficiency

Harold A. Black, M. Cary Collins, Breck L. Robinson

Outlines the US development of the “too‐big‐to‐fail” (TBTF) doctrine following the collapse of the Continental Illinois Bank, reviews relevant research and explores the…

Non‐linearity in race and FHA mortgage lending: a neural network analysis

J. Vincent Eagam, Vijaya Subrahmanyam

Explains the strengths and weaknesses of neural networks and uses them to analyse racial patterns in 1994 mortgage (conventional and FHA) data for the city of Atlanta…



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