Managerial Finance


Accounting and Finance

Table Of Contents: Volume 26 Issue 10

Quantity versus quality of directors’ time: the effectiveness of directors and number of outside directorships

Joanne Li, James S. Ang

Outlines the role of directors and previous research on their selection, reputation, relationship to firm performance and multiple directorships, noting criticism of those…

Insider control by large investor groups and managerial disciplining in listed Belgian companies

Marc Goergen, Luc renneboog

Defines corporate governance, describes the special characteristics of Belgian companies and presents a study of the disciplining of bad management in 165 companies listed…

On the valuation of common and preferred shares in Germany: new evidence on the value of voting rights

Ali Fatemi, Jan Pieter Krahnen

Outlines the special characteristics of preferred shares in Germany, notes that ordinary shares are valued at substantially higher figures and presents a study of the…

New Zealand takeover evidence: firm characteristics and payment method

Rebecca Mackenzie, Ben Kelleher, Ed Vos

Refers to previous research on the reasons for takeovers, the characteristics of bidders/targets and methods of payment. Uses 1987‐1998 New Zealand data on a sample of 28…

Convergence of corporate governance systems

Guido Carati, Alireza Tourani Rad

Differentiates market (e.g. USA) from group‐based (e.g. Germany) corporate governance systems, traces their evolution and asks whether they are converging. Puts forward a…



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