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Table Of Contents: Volume 26 Issue 1

The free trade agreement between the European Union and the Gulf Co‐operation Council: an overview and implications

Jamal A. Al‐Khatib, Maria Manuela Nêveda DaCosta, M. Anaam Hashmi

Assesses the economic strengths and weaknesses of the six member states of the Co‐operation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) and the patterns of trade between…

North American free trade agreement with a focus on the US states’ participation and Mexico

Faramarz Damanpour

Outlines the underlying rationale for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Canada, Mexico and the USA; and evaluates its impact from 1987 to 2000…

Apec’s evolving role as a regional economic agreement

Nader H. Shooshtari, Maureen J. Fleming, Jeffrey P. Radighieri, Carl‐Christian Nitzsche

Outlines the development of the Asia Pacific Economic Co‐operation Forum (APEC), which began as a deliberately informal discussion group in 1989, and traces the evolution…

Role of Mercosur in regional trade growth

M. Anaam Hashmi

Outlines the development of Mercosur (South American economic bloc) and considers the assertion that it protects inefficient Brazilian industries and has failed to create…

Emerging trading blocs and their impact on the strategic evolution of multinationals

Robert Pearce, Ana Teresa Tavares

Identifies the similarities and differences between the concepts of regionalism, multilateralism, globalization and localization; and their effects on multinational…



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