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Table Of Contents: Volume 25 Issue 5

The gold standard: a critique of Friedman, Mundell, Hayek and Greenspan from the free enterprise perspective

Walter Block

Argues that the gold standard is the only monetary regime consistent with the philosophy of free enterprise and assesses the contributions of Friedman, Mundell and Hayek…

Religious texts, moral prescriptions and economy: the case of interest

James B. Sauer

Outlines the attitudes of Judaism, Christianity and Islam to usury, discusses the application of religious principles to economic transactions and argues that Islamic…

A brief note on the Islamic financial system

Muhammad Loqman

Outlines the characteristics of a just financial system and compares the Islamic one with others. Lists the financial instruments which enable Islamic systems to deal with…

Resource allocation, investment decision and economic welfare: capitalism, socialism and Islam

M. Abdul Mannan Chowdhury

Discusses how resources are allocated in capitalist and socialist economies comparing the concept of interest (e.g. for present value calculations) with the use of capital…

Islamic banking in theory and practice: the experience of Bangladesh

M. Kabir Hassan

Defines an Islamic bank, notes their rapid growth in the last twenty years and explains the financial instruments they use to conform with the prohibition on interest…



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